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Another Church Conversion Possibly Coming to Fishtown

We've received a tip about this development from a faithful reader. If you see something going on in your 'hood, near your work or anywhere around Philly, shoot us an email to our tipline and we'll check it out!

Church conversions are becoming all the rage around Philly and there's potentially another one on the way at a vacant sanctuary at 1236 Columbia Avenue in Fishtown. The former East Baptist Church was recently sold at for a measly $385K and its new owner, Metal Green Inc., seeks to reuse this site for 15 multi-family units. Our tipster mentioned that the church has been abandoned for "about a decade or so" and was slated to become a child care facility in 2003. Fishtown Neighbors Association told us that there will be a public meeting "likely in October" regarding the project but that it has yet to be officially scheduled.

Naked Philly has a little more context for the project.

They need a zoning variance because the 7,200 sqft property is inappropriately zoned for a single family home. If the property were zoned for multi-family, they would be allowed sixteen units by right, so asking for fifteen units seems completely appropriate.
It's wonderful to see that projects reusing the actual church structure are starting to be seen as feasible (and successful) forms of development. Let's up developers start to see the light and expand their vision to Philly's large inventory of beautiful schools. · Change Coming to Vacant Fishtown Church [Naked Philly]
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