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Poll: Should SEPTA Extend and Expand The 24 Hour Schedule?

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You know those visions you had of SEPTA taking advantage of all of the publicity and popularity of the 24/7 weekend campaign and making it a true 24/7 mode of public transportation? Next City reports that SEPTA doesn't yet know if the service will be extended beyond November and can't see it expanding beyond the weekend schedule. "We use those overnight hours to do track repairs, station cleaning and other kinds of maintenance," said Manuel Smith, a spokesman for SEPTA. "That would be tough to reschedule around operating trains." In other words, enjoy it while it lasts. But wait, there's good news, too.

While Smith doesn't think that 24/7 service will happen, especially seven days a week, the numbers show that it could happen — eventually. SEPTA has experienced a 50% bump in overnight ridership compared to the Night Owl service, you know, that dumpy bus that you wait for on a dark street corner in the middle of the night when the trains stop running. The increase in ridership throughout the summer shows a demand, which will hopefully continue to grow through November.

It's not how you start, it's how you finish. So, take the poll!

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