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This Could Get Fun, Website Lets You Grade Your Landlord

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Ofo Ezeugwu, a recent graduate from Temple University, might just be on to something with The site, which Ezeugwu started in his junior year of college, is essentially the combination of Yelp and, not for reviewing your apartment or building, but for your actual landlord. Do you hear that sound? It's college-area slumlords shivering with fear. The Inquirer has a great write up of the genesis of the site, which Ezeugwu insists "We didn't start it to bash landlords" but to "hold people more accountable for their actions." The site has gained some traction recently and was accepted into investor David Rose's Rose Tech Ventures real estate tech accelerator in June. As of now, the focus seems to be for college renters, but we definitely think this could be a helpful tool for any renter looking to make a more educated decision.
The site allows users to search for their landlord by state. Users can add their landlord if one isn't listed and then let the fun begin. It lets you see helpful information like average lease length and average rent while allowing you to score the landlord based on six categories on a scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best) — responsiveness, privacy, information, conditions, pests and safety.

The best part may be that users can leave comments as to why they love, hate or don't really care about their landlord. Not only is this a useful tool for those looking for a place to live, we feel like it will eventually feature a treasure-trove of horror stories that we will highlight for you. Kind of like this one, which was only left six months ago:

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