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Taney Dragons Will Parade Down Broad Street on Wednesday

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The Taney Dragons Little League baseball team captivated the pretty much the entire nation this summer. Much like the 1993 Phillies, they didn't bring home the 'chip, but they certainly feel like champions here in Philly. (Hey, third place ain't bad!) Unlike those mulleted-Phillies, Mo'ne Davis, Lippy and the rest of the Dragons will parade down Broad Street on Wednesday, August 27th starting at 20th and Market Street at 2pm. They'll flow east on Market Street to City Hall, hang a right at Dilworth Park and then wrap around to South Broad Street, where they'll be celebrated even more as they parade towards FDR Park on Broad Street and Pattison Avenue. Ultimately, the incredible summer journey of these 12 kids comes to an end at Citizen's Bank Park for pregame festivities at the Phillies/Nationals game.
Consider this your fair warning: Traffic will be terrible along the parade route. Plan accordingly so you don't find yourself cursing out adorable Little Leaguers and parade goers.

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