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Report Confirms That Philadelphia Is a Terrible Place to Drive

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Allstate's new "America's Best Drivers Report" was just released and it pretty much confirms what we had already known: Philly is one tough place to drive. The insurance company ranked 200 cities across America based on things like collisions, population, density and weather conditions. Not only did the Illadelph rank in the bottom eight overall, the full report (PDF) states that Philly-area drivers are likely to be in some sort of collision every 6.2 years — yikes! The report seems bleak, but hey, at least we're not in Worcester, Massachusetts, which ranked dead last (or is it, ah-hem, worst?) is every key category. Massachusetts in general seems like a terrible place to drive.

Philadelphia actually slipped three spots compared to last year's list, when it ranked 189 out of 200 cities. Talk about brutal. Other major cities found in the prestigious bottom ten are San Francisco, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Boston.

Fort Collins, Colorado took the top spot overall. No city from the northeastern corridor made the top ten safest driving cities.
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