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Is SEPTA Selling the Naming Rights to Market East Station?

In a week where DRPA officials announced they're looking into the possibility of reopening Frankin Station, it seems that there could be another station named after (or sponsored by?) one of our founding father's in the near future. Technically Philly has the scoop on a possible name change for Market East into Jefferson Station, sponsored by Thomas Jefferson University and/or Jefferson Hospital. Mums the word from both SEPTA and Jeff as of now, but there are pictures to kind of add some juice to this story.

SEPTA is not averse to selling off pretty much anything. Yeah, there's AT&T station, which Technically Philly said is a 5-year deal worth ultimately $3.4M (after a $1.6M payout to an advertising agency named Titan). Then there is the rumored Verizon Station underneath the Comcast Center, aka Suburban Station. On September 7th, they're offering free rides on the Broad Street Line for the Eagles home opener, which of course is sponsored by a beer company.

You gotta give it to SEPTA, they've certainly been creative in trying to generate funds and seriously upped their collective game with a new app and near-instantaneous customer service through Twitter. Does this mean that an influx of money could eventually lead to expanded subway service into the wee hours of the night/morning? Only time will tell. As Technically Philly mentions, this could all be a hoax or the deal could fall through. And hey, unlike AT&T or Verizon Station, at least Thomas Jefferson University and its hospital are in the vicinity of the station.
· Is SEPTA's Market East becoming 'Jefferson Station'? [Technically Philly]