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Chris Scarduzio Won't Run New Restaurant on Passyunk Ave

Chef Chris Scarduzio won't be heading up the brand new restaurant space currently undergoing construction (or demolition) at 12th and Morris Street near East Passyunk Avenue. Apparently, he's taking a step back and focusing on one restaurant only called Teca in Newtown Square. Michael Klein of Philly Insider mentions that the new space will be a mere 12 minutes from Scarduzio's house and look to open this fall. So, what happens to the new joint on East Passyunk? Well, that's still up in the air.

Again, from Klein's article:

As demo winds down on their building, the Olitskys are looking for a new operator. They have been discreetly gauging interest among the restaurant community for the space, which is 3,500 square feet on two floors, including the basement. The building, with four apartments above, is expected to be ready for occupancy next spring or summer.
It's a sudden change of fate for one of East Passyunk's bustling intersections. Birra, a brick over pizza place, sits directly south on Morris Street. Across 12th Street to the east will be Bing Bing, a new dim sum spot from the minds of Cheu Noodle Bar in Washington Square West. Diagonally across the six-point intersection sits a block of properties that's for sale, just waiting to become the next big thing on "The Avenue." While there's currently some uncertainly surrounding the plans for the now former-Scarduzio project, we're pretty sure that won't be the case for too long.
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