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Here are the 5 Most Expensive Homes in Philly Right Now

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According to Redfin, there are 158 homes in Philadelphia city limits asking over $1M. Something tells us that we'll get into that list in greater detail at a later date. How about a little taste right now, eh? We know you absolutely love to hear about penthouse views, exclusive streets, in-house elevators, private streams and, yes, even doggie penthouse runs. Here is a list of the five most expensive homes in Philadelphia, right now!

↑ The Rittenhouse Mansion, Rittenhouse Square
Price: $15,000,000
Size: Three raw floors - 9,165 square feet
The Rundown: Billed as the "last mansion on the square," the Rittenhouse Mansion is listed as an entire building. Estately has the third floor unit for sale at a cool $5.2M, which would still be tops on this list. If you're going to shell out $5M on a property, why not go the extra mile (or $10M) and simply own the whole damn thing? The property is highlighted by a gorgeous limestone facade, private terrace and balcony that are larger than most rental units, elevator, access to all of the amenities of 10 Rittenhouse and three blank floors to do with what you wish.

↑ 1817 Delancy Street, Rittenhouse Square
Price: $5,200,000
Size: 5 beds, 6.5 baths - 8,120 square feet
The Rundown: Pretty much everything about this house is stellar beginning with the fact that it's a double-wide property on one of the most beautiful streets in the entire city, quite literally. Having five bedroom suites, a glorious kitchen, a gym, an elevator, outdoor terraces with a grill and covered parking for two doesn't hurt, either. Oh, and no need to worry about whether this cavernous house will be too cold for your toesies, this baby has nine fireplaces as well.

↑ Symphony House, South Broad Street
Price: $5,025,000
Size: 4 beds, 5 baths - 4,569 square feet
The Rundown: This penthouse in Symphony House is nearly half the size of the house on Delancey Street and, while it can't offer a gorgeous street level house, it can give you all of the perks of luxury high rise livin'. That includes insane views of the city skyline off its north- and west-facing terraces. There's also that beautiful winding staircase and a large designer kitchen to enjoy as well. No matter what people may think of the building itself, you're not going to find very many properties in the area with four bedroom suites and its own "doggie penthouse run."

↑ 603 West Hartwell Lane, Chestnut Hill
Price: $5,000,000
Size: 7 beds, 8.5 baths - 3.61 acres
The Rundown: Finally, we're out of the crammed confines of Center City and into the pristine paradise of Chestnut Hill. Unlike Symphony House, you won't have to skimp on space as your $5M smackers gets you over 3 acres of land, your own babbling brook with pond and waterfall, a pool and one lovely estate your own. Hmm, this house looks familiar, doesn't it?

↑ Lattimer House, Washington Square West
Price: $4,400,000
Size: 3 beds, 5 baths - 7,500 square feet
The Rundown: We've come to the last house on the list and it's Latimer House. Some people love, others hate it, but regardless of your feelings towards it, it exists and is on the market for over $4M. So what does it have, other than architectural designs of a large office building? Pay no attention to the military base-like exterior for a moment and focus on the 2,000 square foot garden that is just off of the gigantic three-story window wall that floods the house with natural light. Yes, there's an elevator (as well as a suspended steel staircase) and there is also a separate studio space.

· 130 S 18th Street [Redfin]
· 1817 Delancey Street [Redfin]
· 400-26 South Broad Street [Redfin]
· 603 W Hartwell Ln. [Redfin]
· 241 S 12th Street [Redfin]

Symphony House

440 Avenue of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA 19146 Visit Website

Latimer House

1224 S. 12th St., Philadelphia, PA 19107