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Check Out the Model for Sanctuary Lofts in Graduate Hospital

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Want to take a peek inside a model at Sanctuary Lofts near 23rd and Fitzwater Street in Graduate Hospital? While you know they're pre-leasing the 30 loft units and 8 traditional apartments, they've also got a model up and running and it looks to incorporate the stained glass of the church that was formerly Saint Anthony of Padua and later Greater Saint Matthew's Baptist Church. Word on the street says that Barzilay Development is shooting to have the entire project completed by September 15th. Converting big, beautiful churches into residences is becoming increasingly popular these day. Hopefully, it becomes the norm for these historic, and oftentimes breathtaking, buildings. Hell (no pun intended), it's even happening in the 'burbs! Want a sneak peek at the model? More pics are after the jump!

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