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When Will Construction Begin on Dranoff's SLS International?

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Renderings via Phila. Heights, Photos: James Jennings

It's been a little while since we've checked in on Carl Dranoff's SLS International Hotel/Condo on the corner of Broad and Spruce Street. You remember, it's the 590 foot, 47-story tower that will combine a four or five star hotel with uber-luxe condos and an entertainment/restaurant space. A zoning and use permit recently popped up on the property that includes the former Utrect art supply store, Philadelphia International Records and the vacant lot that was at one time the PHS Pop-Up (Beer) Garden in 2013. Cypress Street will also be taken and used as a loading dock. The zoning approval is "for the erection of an atttached structure with terraces and a green roof." As for the use registration, it gives us a glimpse into the specifics regarding the number of hotel and condo units. The permit states there will be 125 "multi-family residences" and 151 "visitor accommodations." It also includes the fun stuff like a "sit-down restaurant," "assembly and entertainment" and, yes, 233 parking spaces. But when will construction begin on this sleek South Broad building?

Details about the demolition of the existing properties and start-date of construction are not yet known. Crews were on site yesterday cleaning the vacant lot that was the PHS Pop-Up (Beer) Garden. What is clear is that this building will be built and, according to Philadelphia Heights, this puppy is going to be one of Philly's most upscale residential properties once complete. Not only will it be the tallest building on Broad Street, it will also house an olympic sized swimming pool, a spa and feature one of the highest penthouses in the city as the 26 floors of condos will be above the hotel rooms.
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