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This House In Queen Village Dares You To Enter 'The Dragon'

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You know that we love to celebrate all of the unique doors and the fabulous houses of Philly. This house in Queen Village is so badass that it's simply know as "The Dragon," thanks to the custom made metal door in the shape of the mythical creature. It's simply incredible, but then again, so just about everything that lies behind that door. This four bed, two-and-a-half bath house is newly on the market for $1.375M. While we think the chance to have your property guarded by a dragon door is too good to pass up, we also think you'll be impressed by the pyramid skylight/solarium that absolutely floods this place with natural sunlight. The inside/outside layout is further complimented by the exposed brick in the living area that bleeds into the spacious garden. There's this eclectic, earthy vibe surrounding the house that also features an office space, wood burning and gas fireplaces and a wine cellar that can hold up to 350 bottles. And while that's all great, it all comes back to that door. · 318 Fitzwater Street [Redfin]