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6 Pictures of Broad Street Hotels From Before You Were Born

Welcome back to our Born You Were Born series. This week, we brought you the news that the SLS International Hotel and Residences recently hung up some building permits that shed some light on the exact details of rooms, residences and parking spaces in the super-luxe, 600 foot tall tower at Broad and Spruce Street. Today, in honor of Throwback Thursday, we're taking you back over one hundred years to show you some of South Broad's other prominent hotels. Bust out your derby and horse-drawn carriage — we're stayin' on South Broad tonight!

↑ Here's a shot of the Bellevue Hotel from 1899. It was located across the street from the Stratford Hotel on the northwest corner of Broad and Walnut. It merged with the Stratford Hotel in 1904.

↑ This photo is of the Hotel Walton from 1898 on the corner of Broad and Locust Street. This amazing building stood until the 1960s.

↑ Similar in grandeur to the Hotel Walton was the Hotel Stenton on the corner of Broad and Spruce Street. Today, this hotel would have been across the street from Dranoff's SLS International.

↑ When this shot was taken in 1865, the La Pierre House at Broad and Sansom Street was one of the most luxurious hotels in America. According to Philly History, the fence you see in the extreme left is the Union League begin built. Also, check out that amazing eagle atop Le Pierre. It later became known as the...

Lafayette Hotel around 1876.

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