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'Frankford Pause' Will Be Quite the Placemaking Pop-Up

Destination Frankford, an arts-based initiative looking to grow business in Frankford, hopes it can ride the coattails of success seen at Spruce Street Harbor Park and the PHS Pop-Up Garden to help people realize the vibrant character of the surrounding neighborhood through a new pop-up park called Frankford Pause. With help from the Community Design Collaborative, the park will be in the shape of a megaphone and be decked out in bright pink strands of light. The park will be located on a vacant spit of land just off of the Margaret-Orthodox El stop and feature noise-activated lights that shine brighter as the nearby train approaches. The pink strands will look like sound waves from the deck of the El stop, which will blend perfectly with the concerts, events and gardens planned for the dynamic and interchangeable space. Destination Frankford plans to have Frankford Pause open in the Spring of 2015.

Everyone loves a pop-up park (well, most everyone that is). Let's face it — they're a lot of fun and they can go a long way into making an under utilized or vacant space into a true place for people not only to gather for beers after work or on the weekend, but also to bring some much needed focus on the area. In Philly, we've been lucky enough to have some incredibly kick-ass and well-designed pop-up spaces to enjoy.
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