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See 5 Instagrams of Shepard Fairey's 'Lotus Diamond' Mural

As you may have noticed, the street art/mural scene is a pretty big deal here in Philly. Shepard Fairey has been in town this week installing his latest work entitled 'Lotus Diamond' at 1228 Frankford Avenue near Frankford Hall. The Mural Arts Program brought him into town as part of his eight city tour of large installations that has already stopped in LA and Chicago. The piece will be dedicated today at 1pm at the site and will be the first of two Fairey installations in the city this year. While some may think it looks like a large tribal tattoo that the city will regret when it's older, it's still a big deal — especially on Instagram. We've compiled a list of our favorite filter-focused shots after the jump! One question: Has anyone checked to see if DJ Lee Mayjahs is cool with this latest installation?

From the man himself, Shepard Fairey:

Robert J. Zagula floats above Frankford Ave. on the crane with Fairey:

@damonabnormal's black and white glimpse at an in-progress Lotus Diamond:

Doesn't look like everyone is a fan of the project from Mural Arts:

More from Robert J. Zagulia by way of popular street art blogger Streets Dept.

· Lotus Diamond Official Site [Mural Arts Program]