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In Transition: Former Scarduzio Restaurant Has A New Look

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The restaurant/apartment space at 12th and Morris Street just off of East Passyunk Avenue has been under construction since late June and apparently has a new look. Let's just say that it's been flipped on its head. Out are the bright floor-to-ceiling windows and metal panels in favor of a darker design featuring black brick, red accents and less windows. Scarduzio left the project a few weeks back to focus on one new concept in Newtown Square called Teca. It's certainly different from the previous design, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

The Passyunk Post spoke with developer Steve Olitsky about the change:

"Olitsky says the new design for the building at 12th, Morris and Passyunk, of which he sent us renderings, better fits the neighborhood than the more modern original proposal."
As Michael Klein mentioned in his report for The Insider, Olitsky had been "discreetly gauging interest" in the new space among the Philadelphia restaurant community before the Scarduzio news was made public. The building will house the restaurant space and four apartments. It is expected to be ready by next spring/summer. What do you think — Do you like the change of plans or did you fancy the previous designs?

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