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Wanna Be Bart Blatstein's Next Door Neighbor in Rittenhouse?

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McIlhenny Mansion

Bart Blatstein's future mansion and its soon-to-be-demolished dome. According to Hidden City, McIlhenny Mansion is a combination of six properties, 1914–16 Rittenhouse Square and 1915–21 Manning Street. As you can see in the pictures, the rear deck actually overlooks the dome and the rest of the former McIlhenny property (as well as the Dorchester). The size (2,880 sq. ft.), skylight, parking and outdoor space gives it some enticing appeal for possible redevelopment.
Property records show that Henry McNeil, insanely wealthy heir of the Tylenol fortune and previous owner of the mansion, currently owns 1921 Manning Street. Blatstein purchased the property from McNeil for $4.2M in April 2013, but it must not have included this carriage house.

Here are Blatstein's plans for the mansion. You can see the property at 1921 Manning Street is at the bottom and will be of similar height to planned rear addition.

Want to develop your very own Rittenhouse mansion next to one of the giants in Philadelphia real estate development? Now's literally your chance.

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