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Holy Rusted Smokestacks: Delaware Station To Be Sold

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The decommissioned Delaware Station adjacent to Penn Treaty Park in Fishtown will look to be sold by November. Exelon owns the property, which is comprised of two tax parcels totaling 16.37 acres, and will accept sealed bids until 5 p.m. on November 3rd. Frank Cullen and Chris Pennington of Binswanger will handle the deal for the behemoth on 1325 North Beach Street. According to Joe DiStefano of The Inquirer, the breakout goes like this:

"The package, split in two lots, includes almost 6 acres underwater, the hulking 223,000 sq. ft. plant on 5 acres, a 4-acre leased surface parking lot that can be shut on six months notice, and a 1-acre back-up Exelon generator bank that's slated to stay running until 2030." While there's no telling what kind of environmental issues there may be with the property, with it being a former power plant and all, but it's certainly a fascinating site with plenty of potential for future development — especially with nearly 1,000 feet of both street and river frontage.

Designed in 1917 by John T. Windram and W.C.L. Elgin, the power plant has a really cool history. Not only was it a massive power generator for the region, it was also the site of the Neafie & Levy Shipyard, where the first submarine (called The Alligator) of the Civil War was built. Terry Gilliam's film 12 Monkeys also shot this crazy time warp scene there. Once a popular UrbEx spot, both Streets Dept. and Archi Punch have shots from inside the building.
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