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LeSean McCoy's Lousy Tip; Thai Tacos & Goat Burgers

RECEIPTROCITY — In case you somehow managed to miss it, the biggest story of the week was Eagles star LeSean McCoy's impressively lousy 20-cent tip at PYT and the resulting debate about the owner's choice to post the receipt online. Check out how it all started (like, before Charlie Sheen got involved.)

OPENING ALERT — It's been another huge week for restaurant openings. New to the scene: a Thai taco spot, skillful Neapolitan pizza and gelato in Old City, and a place that offers both brisket-bacon goat burgers and gluten-free vegan burgers.
GLUTEN-FREE PASTA — Good pasta that's also celiac-friendly, served up lightning-fast, and affordable: Can it be done? Should it even be attempted? A Michelin-starred chef is giving it his best shot, and Philly will soon get to sample the results at a couple of pop-ups.

· Eater Philly [philly.eater]