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These Houses Have Been Listed on Redfin For Over 1,000 Days

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When it comes to selling a house, it's usually best not to have it sit on the market for too long. Days quickly turn into weeks and on into months. People see the good old "Days on Redfin" and start to wonder, "What's up with this house?". Before you know it, a perfectly good home is languishing on the market for a year, nowhere near a sale. These 8 houses have been sitting out there for various reasons for over a combined 9,800 days! Some happen to be fixer-uppers, others may be over-priced, but one thing is for sure, they're not moving off of the market. Let's take a little guided tour of the Philadelphia houses listed on Redfin for over 1,000 days.

Address: 722 Dickinson Street [Redfin]
Days on Redfin: 1,641 Days
Price: $269,900
The Skinny: This 4 bed, 2.5 bath house at Dickinson and S. Franklin Street in South Philly is 2,500 square feet full of unknown. It's been listed since March of 2010, had a pending sale three years later that apparently fell through and it no just sitting there. The listing say it has new features and it's in a hot location, nestled between Dickinson Square West and East Passyunk Avenue.

Address: 4159 Ridge Avenue [Redfin]
Days on Redfin: 1,500 Days
Price: $219,900
The Skinny: This 3 bed, 2 bath property in Northwest Philly is a "great investment opportunity" as per the listing. It's currently zoned as a commercial property and seems like a typical rental house. The whole "property is located in a flood zone" portion of the listing might be what is really turning potential buyers off. It is in East Falls though, so it's got that going for it.

Address: 2601 Pennsylvania Avenue, #454 [Redfin]
Days on Redfin: 1,327 days
Price: $198,000
The Skinny: This is an interesting one. Not only has this unit sat unsold since January of 2011, the price actually went up since then! Originally listed at $189,000, the 1 bed, 1 bath unit in 2601 Parkway Condominiums is just steps away from the Ben Franklin Parkway and the Art Museum. Picky seller, overpriced unit or better stuff out there?

Address: 1516 Catharine Street, #1 [Redfin]
Days on Redfin: 1,164 Days
Price: $179,000
The Skinny: Hi-ho, hi-ho, it's back to South Philly we go with this 1 bed, 1.5 bath unit on Catharine Street. It's 663 square foot in size and could potentially be occupied by a renter depending on when the listing was updated. Listed since July of 2011, this place chopped $10K off of the price back in March to entice potential buyers.

Address: 2032 E. Glenwood Avenue [Redfin]
Days on Redfin: 1,074 days
Price: $69,900
The Skinny: This home in North Philly is currently occupied by tenants as well. Featuring 3 beds and 1 bath, it's certainly priced right for an "investment opportunity" like the listing states. It's been continually listed since October 2011 at the same price. You better schedule a visit to this one as there is only has one picture for the listing.

Address: 125-27 N 4th Street, #401 [Redfin]
Days on Redfin: 1,067 days
Price: $289,00
The Skinny: For nearly three years, you've had an opportunity to by a condo in the heart of Old City. This puppy in the Cherry Street Condominiums building looks right at the US Mint on 4th Street. Vitals include 1 bed, 1.5 baths and Shoji screen as your bedroom door.

Address: 200 Hillcrest Road [Redfin]
Days on Redfin: 1,052 days
Price: $600,000
The Skinny: It's difficult to say why this one hasn't sold. It may be overpriced a little but it offers a great Chestnut Hill location, open floor plans and a landscaped yard with a putting green and greenhouse. It was originally listed at $999,999 in October 2011 and has steadily dropped its price over the time. Will it sell at $600,000?

Address: 2408 W Mayfield Street [Redfin]
Days on Redfin: 1,036 days
Price: $24,999
The Skinny: This one is quite possibly our favorite of the 1,000 day lot. It's just straight-up look at the pictures time and see what you think. It's a fixer-upper. The listing hasn't budged in price since November 2011 and it offers no description whatsoever. In flipping through the pictures, the standard Redfin "There are no remarks available." is fitting for this 3 bed, 1.5 bath property in North Philly.

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