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Video: SEPTA 30th Street Subway Station Site of an Assault

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The 30th Street Station, on SEPTA's Market–Frankford and Subway–Surface lines, was the scene of an assault by unidentified individuals. A woman was attacked at the 30th Street Subway Station, at an unidentified time on Friday.

Warning: the video contains graphic imagery.

↑ courtesy of GameSix Collective

NBC reports the account of the incident by the video uploader, named GameSix Collective. The uploader recounted that prior to the recorded attack, the woman in white was chasing a man through cars on the Market-Frankford Line while threatening to stab him with "what looked like a homemade shiv."

Investigation is still ongoing.

Caught on Cam: Woman Attacked at SEPTA Station [NBC]

30th Street Station

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