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Digital Development: New Divine Lorraine Website Plus Pics

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A milestone has been reached, if at least digitally. The Divine Lorraine website has launched. And so the plan continues to convert the Divine Lorraine Hotel into a mixed-use development consortium of residential, restaurants, and retail.

The billboard of light will become a beacon of progress to position the North Broad Street Corridor as a redevelopment story that's as progressive and inclusive as the move by Reverend M. J. Divine to fully racially integrate the hotel when he acquired it in 1948.

The Divine Lorraine will forever carry currency between the past and future to make a present experience that is rich with significance. The photos below, courtesy of the Divine Hotel website, prove just that as they capture moments of local history.

The website offers a sign up form to learn more about developments with the project.

·Divine Lorraine website []

Divine Lorraine Hotel

699 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19123