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Calling All Developers for Navy Yard's Southport Expansion

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[View of the Southport tract via Clem Murray]

The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, forever now known as PRPA, is forging ahead with a plan to seek developers for the 200 acres of Southport. At the end of the Navy Yard in South Philly, it lies south of the Walt Whitman Bridge.

So, what kinds of developers are wanted? Most any kind, really. According to the PBJ, auto manufacturers and those in the energy sector are equally welcome. According to Lloyd at, the board agreed to accept proposals from "terminal operators, steamship lines, automobile manufacturers, energy companies, and investment firms with ideas for the maritime property." The slate is blank.

[Map of Philadelphia Port via The Philadelphia Inquirer]

The PRPA voted June 17 to engage in a "public process" for Southport. The deadline to submit an initial "expression of interest" hits November 14. From there, successful submissions will need to submit financial and business plans.

Who will have the successful bid? Will it be Philip L. Rinaldi, CEO of Philadelphia Energy Solutions, which operates the former Sunoco Inc. refinery? He would like an energy port with a sizable wharf to handle large oil tankers. Or will it be a surprise contender?
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