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Center City to Get a Little Taller and Denser; Limits Expanded

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According to the City Planning Commission, a new bill would allow taller and denser development in some districts within the Center City Overlay, which extends from Poplar Street to Washington Avenue, and from the Delaware to the Schuylkill.
The bill has many components, such as the limit removal on the number of dwelling units in buildings zoned CMX-2 and CMW 2-5.

What are the implications? Plan Philly reports that Joe Schiavo, vice-chair of the Central Delaware Advocacy Group and former member of the Old City Civic Association, warns of several drawbacks to the passing of this bill.

One such warning: the increased pressure to demolish buildings in the Old City Historical District, under the desire by owners to tear down the existing properties in order to build bigger buildings to bring in more revenue.

The general consensus is to hold on the bill until all parties have time to sufficiently read it and understand its limitations. If you want to see the bill for yourself, then by all means.

Video of the hearing is below.

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