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VIDEO: Is the Bicycle a Truly Accepted Form of Transportation?

[Still from the Backlash video]

Some consider bikers to be a menace; others, a significant zeitgeist that foretells change in transportation acceptance by many urbanites. In many of the flat, condensed areas of greater Center City, getting here and there by bike is a rational option. According to Jon Geeting at Plan Philly, biking constitutes 20% of his census tract in Bella Vista.

Many cities have bikesharing systems, so there is certainly a national force to flow two wheels into the mix when going from home to work, and everywhere in between.

Is there a sense that the tide has unequivocally turned in favors of those on two wheels?

The evidence says 'yes.' There is influential support from the Mayor's Office of Transportation and Utilities, the Planning Commission, community organizations in Fairmount and Francisville, and Business Improvement Districts.

Apparently, there is a dichotomy of control between block-level parking interests and the broad citywide interest in creating a safe network for bike commuters and pedestrians. Since 2012, a bill was intended to be the only city with City Council control of bike lane approvals. That bill was amended so that the Council could control only bike lanes that remove a travel lane or parking. However, that's resulted in an interesting way, because placing a bike lanes in many of Philly's narrow streets would result in bikers, rather than parked cars, having the right-of-way.

According to citizens such as Dena Driscoll of the Kidical Mass Philly, Philly has a way to go in advocating for infrastructure and protection of safe mobility for cyclists.

According to the video Bikelash, there are many nuances to consider when planning for bicyclers in many major cities. For those who want to hear your name, Philly comes into the conversation specifically at the 03:43 mark.

The video outlines three phases of social change: ridicule, violent opposition, and acceptance. Sometimes, there's even a fourth stage on the individual level: full-circle claim of the idea from the beginning.

The video mentions that biking rights are a 'high class' problem. So stay classy, Philly.

·Is "bikelash" on the decline in Philly because the bike-lashers are winning? [Plan Philly]