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Townhouse / Mini Mansion with Modern Flair, Asking $1.7M

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What one thinks of when the word 'mini' comes up: Mini Cooper, Mini Me, miniskirt.

Mini mansion would not be at the top of that list, necessarily. It's a nice oxymoron. But maybe now it would, given that this jazzy townhouse listing uses that moniker.

This, ahem, mini mansion is 2,470 s.f. with seven bedrooms, five full baths with one half and stands on a 1,809 s.f. lot.

In the Queen Village / Meredith Catchment area, this is couched as a double property with a large lot next door, which are deeded separately but are sold together. Taxes set you back $5,353.00. The lot has two car port parking in the front; if that's not enough, there is also a proper two car garage.

This property is interesting not so much for its fine details, which include the usual double foyer with marble trim, original architectural details throughout, use of PA blue marble mantelpieces, crown molding, and wood floors--this is a mini mansion, after all.

It's more of a spritely lift in thinking about appropriate decor to pair with an architecturally classical house. Use of modern art and hide carpets lend an energetic touch to an otherwise stately home.

Incidentally, the property was also apparently an Airbnb listing, so it is likely that a fair number of visitors were able to enjoy the modern comforts of an antique home.

·833 S 3rd Street [Estately]