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Weekend Plans Done: Pop-Up Event Unveils Greenway Vision

[proposed rendering via Spring Garden Greenway]

Four words that sum up an ideal Saturday: bands, booze, bikes, and bites. Don't miss this.

Tomorrow, for one day only, September 20th, 2014, Spring Garden Street will transform into a vibrant commercial corridor with a median greenway, pedestrian amenities, and street furniture. Read: urban planning education plus a public party. This is edutainment, folks.

This pop-up event will give people a peek at what the proposed Spring Garden Street Greenway could look like, and how it will catalyze economic development, strengthen the ties between adjacent neighborhoods, and bring more natural beauty to our lives.

What else will you get out of this party, specifically? In addition to learning more about the proposed Greenway, you'll have your choice of activities with which to preoccupy yourself:

· interactive art installations and projects
· bike repair education workshops provided by Firth & Wilson bike shop
· bike parades
· award-winning food trucks including Gigi's and Big R, Luscious Bakery, Jerry's Kitchen, and The Whirly Pig
· pop-up beer garden
· valet bike parking for cyclists
· local Philly bands and a DJ on Percy Street

So, just fantastic stuff that you would hate to miss on the party side. On the urban planning side, you'll also win. Learn about the history of Spring Garden Street and another up-and-coming project, the Reading Viaduct, Rail Park, by taking a guided neighborhood tour.

The Spring Garden Street Greenway will be a 2.2-mile connection between the Schuylkill River and the Delaware River and a key part of the East Coast Greenway. When completed, Spring Garden Street will be one of the most vibrant streets and commercial corridors in the City of Philadelphia, and a quieter and safer street along which to drive, bike, or walk. The Greenway will feature a linear park and urban trail with a new bikeway that is separate from traffic. The Greenway will have more recreation and commuting space for walkers, joggers and cyclists, and will incorporate storm water infrastructure to manage runoff more sustainability.

This event has everything but the parade of elephants, lions, and bears. Oh my!

And here's the official invitation. Just go!

·Spring Garden Street Greenway [Spring Garden Greenway]