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40th Street Trolley Station Redesign Plan Raises More Dough

[rendering via University City District]

Here we come, 40th Street Trolley Station. More funds have come to get ever closer to the needed $2 million goal. They currently stand at $1.4 million.

A helpful little infusion of $6,500 from PECO and Natural Lands Trust has moved the needle closer to completion, further amplifying the initial planning grant from the William Penn Foundation. The University City District (UCD) hopes to make the station a destination ideal for reprieve. Given that it's the meeting point of Baltimore Avenue, 40th Street and Woodland Avenue, the station has many commuters hurriedly traveling through the 11, 13, 34 and 36 trolley lines--but never seeing a need to stop at the station itself. Incorporating trees, lighting, movable seating, cafes, and planned programming for social activities should reinvent the area as a true crosspoint between Center City and West Philly.

Stay tuned for a timeline and upcoming developments from UCD this fall.
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