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Why Yes, Market East Station Will Become Jefferson Station

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One of Philly's busiest public transit hubs is about to get a lesson re-branding. Market East Station will officially be renamed Jefferson Station on Thursday and good old Thomas Jefferson himself once wrote a fitting quote that perhaps offers a good explanation why, "I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past." The Inquirer reports that a "multi-million dollar deal" will be announced between SEPTA and Jefferson University Health Systems, which is only a few short blocks south of the beleaguered sub-Gallery station. Technically Philly leaked the original photo that showed Jefferson's head emblazoned on the transit map. Dude has a nice head a hair on him. But seriously, back to the quote, can this sponsorship spur a rebirth for the soon-to-be-former Market East Station much like PREIT is attempting to do with The Gallery? Only time will tell if it will help to shed station's past as a gloomy, dirty and undesirable stop along the regional rail and subway lines.

What we find perhaps most interesting about the sponsorship of stations is not simply what one is next, but what station isn't able to be sponsored? It would be fascinating to see if SEPTA has a station rate card or something for their most popular spots and how they go about seeking a sponsorship. Given that Jefferson Station at least fits in with the fabric of the city — unlike AT&T Station or the soon-to-be Verizon (Suburban) station — it would be interesting if SEPTA could eventually become choosy about which brands they'll accept. For example, Quaker Station or Tastykake Station could be future sponsors, but would you really want to wait for the train at Bob's Discount Furniture Station?
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