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Stay Close to Home: Airbnb Rental in the Center of Old City

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[Photos via Airbnb]

Sometimes, the best way to get away to is to stay close to home. Staycations have enjoyed a rise in popularity for the respite afforded on a tight budget. Well, here's an alternative opportunity. Try borrowing one of the many homes for rent. Quite a few homes that are for sale are also listed on Airbnb to bring in some cash flow. So, try before you buy. Or just chill. In any case, here's a highly rated home available in the Old City.

This place has one bedroom with a queen sized bed, one sleeper couch, and one bathroom. All kitchen utensils are included in the kitchen, including a Keurig machine.

Steps from the liberty bell and independence mall, and other attractions--but you know the area, so you know what the others already are.

Horse and carriage not included, but the neighborhood charm clearly is.

Minimum stay is three nights, or a long weekend. Prices go for $136 per day, $903 per week, and $3612 per month.

Just a subtle reminder that you don't have to go far to get away. Though there's always the comfort of your own home.
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