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Renderings of Longwood Gardens $90M Restoration Project

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[Before-and-after renderings via Longwood Gardens]

Synchronize your clocks, because the Fountain Garden Revitalization Project is beginning in mid-October, and when it's done, the fountains will be as tightly synchronized as technology will allow. The $90 million restoration will take three years to complete. (BTW, the Fireworks and Fountains shows will return in Summer 2017).

According to Longwood Garden, the project will focus on several facets. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. 1. honoring the original legacy, from founder Pierre S. du Pont vision in 1931

  2. 2. old world charm combined with 21st century technology

  3. 3. a true engineer's garden, with 10,000 gallons of water circulated per minute

  4. 4. garden design, harkening back to the original intention of a European aesthetic

  5. 5. the fountains, which will reach higher than ever

  6. 6. an extraordinary experience, with more seating, access to all five acres, and more

The clogged pipes will be rebuilt, and algae-covered sculptures will be restored. The era of this garden faces a grander future than its storied past, and the leadership is lauded for it. Executive Director Paul B. Redman's tenure has been a successful one. According to, since his 2006 arrival, membership has increased from 16,000 households to 52,000; annual visitation has leapt from 770,000 to 1,100,000; and the endowment is up from $557 million to $750 million.
Longwood to begin restoring its most popular garden []