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Abandoned Buck Hill Inn Is the Current Site of Suspected Killer

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[Photo of Buck Hill Inn via Pocono Record File]

In the latest dramatic turn of events, alleged cop killer Eric Frein is hiding in the Buck Hill Inn, a hotel that been abandoned for the last 20 years. The hotel sits outside Canadensis, and is known to be a place that Frein frequented when it was a functioning business.

Historically, the Buck Hill Inn was a mountain site founded by Philadelphia Quakers in 1901.

Fast forward to the present day. The hotel has gained a reputation for being haunted, and is also the setting for a 2001 MTV television show called Fear. The beds are still made, but covered in debris. One such example of extreme ruin porn of which to imagine a man-on-the-run-in-hiding is below.

[Photo of Buck Hill Inn interior via Abandoned Playgrounds]

Frein, 31 years old, is wanted for the September 12 ambush on the Blooming Grover state police barracks, which left one trooper dead and another with critical injuries. He has reportedly been spotted as a black-hooded figure from a distance at the inn. In addition, soiled diapers and Serbian cigarette packs somehow suggest, in a bizarre combination, that he is still there.

CBS reports that "Frein probably has stockpiles of food and supplies", according to authorities. He is a self-styled survivalist and avid war re-enactor who hates the law, if that wasn't already evident. The steady supply of nuts, roots, small game, insects, and wild edibles this time of year could also sustain him for awhile. Because truth can be stranger than fiction.

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