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Architectural Committee Greenlights Azalea Gardens Design

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[Rendering via Plan Philly]

Goodbye mansion, hello apartments? The Architectural Committee from the Philly Historical Commission got busy being unanimous as they approved the updated design plans for Azalea Gardens. This 122-unit apartment complex will replace a historic mansion that UPenn owns. Away with history, or out with the old? Stormy waters.

Commonwealth Court will handle this ongoing battle of where the land will go. The property has two legal battles on its turf. The Woodland Terrace Homeowners Association, Constellar Corporation, and Maryann Kurmlavage, are on one side of both battles as they appeal both the permit and the granting of variances to demolish the current historic structure.

Plan Philly reports that Paul Boni, a lawyer that represents nearby homeowners and rental property investors, told the committee simply that his clients continue to object to the project.

If the greenlight allows full speed ahead for new development, this photo below of the existing structure, will indeed be history.