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Where the 2015 Mayoral Candidates Live in Philly on the Map

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[Map by Ryan Debold]

Plan Philly has kindly asked Ryan Debold to create a map of where all the 2015 Mayoral candidates, including the speculated one, live. Read: this is actually where the candidates are registered to vote, as per the voter file.

There are two clusters, with Darrell Clarke, Jim Kenney, and Lynne Abraham forming the first group. Frank Rizzo Jr., Nelson Diaz, and Ken Trujillo create the second cluster to the northwest. Terry Gillen and Anthony Hardy Williams are outliers, with Alan Butkovitz being the most removed.

This could serve as a clue, if anything, to show where the candidates' worlds begin, and where their immediate realm of concern lies. If you live near any of these candidates, consider that a good sign.
·Map: Where the 2015 Philadelphia Mayoral candidates live [Plan Philly]