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Time's Yours: Andy Reid's Villanova House Sheds Some Dough

Want to live your lifelong dream of owning the home of former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid? You're in luck! Not only has his 5 bed, 5 bath house in Villanova been listed since May, it recently chopped $300K off the asking price. Now listed at $1,999,999, the 8,074 square foot home is a bargain — especially if you love mis-matchy and eyebrow-raising interior design elements like thick black and white striped walls, painted on faux-exposed brick and pretty much the entire kitchen area. (Seriously, how is there not a Hawaiian shirt room?) The perks are quite nice though, it's located on a spacious cul-de-sac lot and features custom cabinetry throughout, two fireplaces and top of the line appliances. According to, the kitchen boasts side-by-side Sub-Zero refrigerators, because this was the house of a football coach after all. So, you buyin' Big Red's house now that it's under two mil or does he need to do a better job on the price to entice some action? · 1215 Page Terrace, Villanova [Redfin]
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