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Digital Signage Atop Lit Bros Aims for New Year's Eve Bow

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Remember all that hub-bub back in June about how Brickstone Realty was going to put up a large digital sign atop the amazing Lit Bros. Building at 7th and Market? You probably read it at the time thinking that it wouldn't happen for a while (or at all) and everything was all good. Fast forward a mere three months: your summer flew by and now reps are saying they could be debuting the new hi-res video screens as early as New Year's Eve. According to a report in The Inquirer, that's the target date and the scaffolding is beginning to be put in place. So what are the plans for the flashy crown of signage atop one of Philadelphia's architectural icons?
Brickstone Exec Mark P. Merlini estimated that revenues from the new signs on the Lit Building could be in the "seven figures", according to The Inquirer, and it seems as though just about anything is in play. While advertising will be its main function, the signage could also be used for live television events or breaking news.

Imagine walking past a live Eagles game while heading toward the Liberty Bell. Or tapping a smartphone app to hear the broadcast of a breaking news story. "We'll certainly take a shot at it," Merlini said, "just because."

Combined with the transformation of Girard Square/East Market/Jefferson Station/Whatever-It's-Called-Now, the area formerly known as Market East will soon be flipped on its head. Gone will be the vacant store fronts and dimly lit streets in favor of glitzy high-rise mixed-use developments with flashy signage and upscale amenities. That's not even taking into account the possibility of the Market 8 Casino proposed for 8th and Market Street. As part of the deal, Brickstone will make $10 million in public improvements to the street experience around the building in the form of new stamped concrete sidewalks, lighting improvement and bike racks. The underground SEPTA concourse will also see some money for improvements. As we noted back in June:

...the plan is to "bring some color down here," as Stantec's John Pringle said at the Planning Commission hearing. They're looking to vastly improve the lighting throughout — that includes the PATCO concourse as well. Upgrades to the public restrooms are also in the plan. If you've ever been in that area, you'll know that both of those things greatly needed. Also, look for "interactive video displays above and below ground to help with navigating the area as well as some other "architectural accents."

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