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Dilworth Park Will Officially Open Tomorrow, September 4th

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Photos: James Jennings, Renderings: PlanPhilly

Remember how you geeked out a bit when we brought you the news that Dilworth Park could potentially open on September 4th? So you marked your calendars in anticipation for official word. Then, we brought you the actual news that Dilworth Park will open on September 4th and sport a Garces-led cafe called Rosa Blanca? That led to your reminder being double-circled on the calendar. This week may have caught you off guard due to Labor Day, so consider this your official reminder. Don't forget that tomorrow is September 4th and therefore, Dilworth Park will be officially open once Mayor Michael Nutter and a whole slew of other guests cut the ribbon on what's sure to be Philly's next big thing. The festivities kick off at 11 a.m. and continue throughout the weekend. Did we mention that Dilworth Park opens on September 4th? Oh, good. · Dilworth Park Coverage [Curbed Philly]

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