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Want to Live Like Chase Utley? Rent His Incredible Penthouse

Chase Utley totally chilled here...

Looking for that perfect four bedroom rental in the $17,500 per month price range but haven't really been able to find one that suits your needs, including the most important one of it needing to be owned by an athlete? Well friend, you're in luck — Chase Utley has recently listed his 4,500 sq. ft. multi-floor penthouse at The Ayer on Washington Square for $17,500 per month. What does that get you? Well, it's not an ordinary penthouse. According to, the Utley's bought in the building back in 2008 for $4.19M and combined the penthouse with the unit below to make a three-story mega-unit including two decks, two parking spots, two storage units and a whole lot more. It was on the market for $4.3M since October, but the Utley's just couldn't find a taker for the penthouse. On the plus side, at least this hasn't sparked rampant trade speculation like it did with Ryan Howard and Cole Hamels. · Chase Utley's Ayer penthouse now for rent []
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· 210 W. Washington Square West, SWPH [Redfin]