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Present Day Philadelphia: This Is a Sign Found Inside City Hall

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One of the more ironic things about Philadelphia is that its most beautiful building, the glorious City Hall, is this meticulously designed wonder on the outside and a nightmare to navigate once you try to enter the building. Look no further than this sign featured in a super-cool post from PlanPhilly about how design shapes wayfinding in urban landscapes, specifically around and under City Hall. This makeshift placard indicated how citizens should try and enter the visitors entrance for the building. No, we're not kidding.

Assuming the wary reader knows left from right is one thing, but telling someone, who may or may not have ever been to our grid of a city, to head on over to the "northeast corner" is quite the stretch. Might we suggest a small map or landmark? Some options that immediately come to mind are the Courtyard by Marriot or Residence Inn and, if unintentional advertising isn't your thing, the oddball sidewalk parking lot for government officials literally on the northeast corner of the property.

Next time you need to pay City Hall a visit, just remember, you can easily tell your left hand from your right because the index finger and thumb form and "L" when outstretched. Aside from that, we can only offer you a firm handshake and a hearty good luck.
· Not all those who wander are lost ... but most are: A wayfinding tour of City Hall [PlanPhilly]

Philadelphia City Hall

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