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Top Tweets: How Philly Reacted to Dilworth Park's Opening

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As you may know, Dilworth Park officially opened today when Mayor Michael Nutter, Center City District's Paul Levy and a whole slew of other important people cut the ribbon the $55 million re-do of City Hall's front yard. It's huge news. Therefore, where better to gauge the reaction to the new public green space than prerusing the Twitter machine for some of the top tweets from the opening festivities. Without further adieu, let's experience the opening of Dilworth Park in the true American spirit — through social media!

Here's the calm before the storm:

Temple University's marching band was there to get this party started:

Even public officials tweet their excitement these days:

Here's kind of a wrap up the all the things that aren't terribly entertaining:

This sign helps you get re-entertained:

And prompted Philebrity to ask the important questions:

Maybe these are the more important questions:

Then came the "firsts" for the new Dilworth Park. First through the new turnstiles:

First conspiracy theory:

First congratulations on being born and Market East Station dying:

First bike rack sighting:

First apparent fight:

First Inga Saffron Sighting:

Then, pictures of the fountain took over:

Then, Philly Jesus took over:

Obligatory food shot of Jose Garces-made pastries:

With a side of snark:

Here's the final verdict from Josh Cornfield:

Let's end it with this happy dude:

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Dilworth Park

1401 JFK Boulevard, Philadelphia, PA