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Throwback Thursday: 52 Vintage Photos of Philadelphia Schools

Alexander D. Bache School, now known as Bache-Martin at 22nd and Brown Street

Philadelphia public schools will officially open on Monday, September 8th. While that collective groan you may be hearing is the sound of kids not wanting the summer to be over, it's kind of a blessing that Philly schools can even open in the first place. Anyway, we can't understand our future until be get to know our past. So for this Throwback Thursday, we've scoured the pages over at to bring you some of the best vintage photographs of Philly's amazing catalog of school buildings. Yeah, some are gone and others may have closed up shop, but there are certainly going to be some that you recognize or maybe even attended as a child. Got a vintage pic that we've missed, shoot us over an email and we'll be sure to add it!

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