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Society Hill Mullet Is All Classic in the Front, 80s in the Back

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Step inside one of the more unique rows home in Society Hill. The classic brick front is just the beginning of your travel through time. Take a deep breath because this house near 3rd and Pine Street might blow your mind. The first thing you should notice in this 2 bed, 2.5 bath house is the dramatic skylight that is more pronounced due to the design of the floor plan — each floor is cut and left open to allow the light to flood from the top floor to the basement. To top it off, each floor plate is oddly shaped. The living room has a grand bend (and a gas fireplace) to flow nicely with the spiral staircase. The master bedroom is die-cut by right angles and the other living space is one giant obtuse angle. Usable space be damned! The double roof deck is a nice touch, but at $718K it would have been nice to see this place modernize around skylight by renovating the kitchen and other touches leftover from the 1980s. · 334 S 3rd Street [Redfin]