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Is The Nation's First Salvation Army Philly's Next Great Space?

Photos/renderings via RJM Property Group

This is a cool one. RJM Property Group recently purchased the site of the first Salvation Army in the Nation and look to transform it into something special. Sitting at 350 West Oxford Street, the stucco building fronts two corners and is comprised of over 8,800 square feet of space. A separate theater/event space is another key feature, as is the 4,600 square foot gated front yard. Bob Metry owns the joint and thinks there are endless possibilities for the historic spot. "We really just focused on renovating the exterior and will wait to do any improvements to the interior until we find a tenant," said Metry. Could it become the next unique space in Philly? If the initial renderings are any indication of the aspirations they have for the space, it should turn into something pretty special. The website touts a wide variety of uses including co-working, creative agencies, day care/educational, catering/special events, music/video production and performance and other special purpose uses.

It's also located in the American Street Empowerment Zone, which offers special grants to developers, businesses and non-profits to "build healthy, self-sufficient and safe environments by working with residents, business owners, and other stakeholders to raise the quality of life in their area."
· 350 West Oxford [Official]
· American Street Empowerment Zone [City of Phila.]