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Let's Get Weird: Who The Hell Coined 'Eraserhood' Anyway?

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David Lynch is in town for his show at PAFA entitled "David Lynch: Unified Field." While some of us are still enthralled by his cryptic trailer for the show (it's the clicking sound), others are asking the important questions. Like, who the hell coined the term Eraserhood to define the Lynchian post-industrial area of Center City north of Vine Street between 9th and 15th Street? Lynch has said the area inspired the creation of his seminal movie Eraserhead while living at 13th and Wood Street. And so, fans of the film took to calling it the Eraserhood. But who was the first do to so? He's recently said that he would meet with the people who came up with the name, but Philebrity wonders who the hell that actually is. Apparently, two guys, Tim McCloskey and Shawn Kilroy, have staked their separate claims to the renaming of the 'hood. Does that mean Lynch is meeting with either or both of these dudes?
Philebrity attempts to clear things up:

But we're pretty sure whoever he's meeting with are not actually the folks who did such a thing — or at least, they were not the first to do so. That honor is the subject of a spat that's been running for years now here on Philebrity. In one corner, we have commenter Timo, aka Tim McCloskey, who swears he was the guy who first came up with "Eraserhood," and provides historical context for his argument; in the other corner, we've got Shawn Kilroy, filmmaker and lead singer in the band Weird Hot, whose short film above is, as far as we can tell, the first document aligning forever the neighborhood around 13th and Callowhill with Lynch's landmark and iconic film Eraserhead.
So, while these guys are busy scuffling over who said what first, David Lynch is probably meeting some other dudes who had nothing to do with this whole thing in the first place. My what a tangled web we weave. Anyway, regardless of the name, the neighborhood is clearly starting to change over. Look no further than the Goldtex Building as proof positive that those tall, decrepit buildings and twisted railroad trestles may soon give way to fancier loft rentals and expansive urban parks. · David Lynch Said To Meet People Who Coined The Term "Eraserhood" But So Far, Neither Of Those Philebrity Readers Has Heard From Him [Philebrity]
· Changing Skyline: Goldtex is a hard-won lift for Loft District [The Inquirer]


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