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Pie in the Sky: Create your Own Penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton

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Not to sound like a broken record over here, but let's just take one more quick look over at the Ritz-Carlton, where apparently you can now DIY your own 8,400+ square-foot, 47th-floor penthouse with a terrace larger than all y'all's starter apartments, combined. If you don't want to pay $6,850,000 for the whole kit and caboodle, you can choose the western unit (3,786 square feet) or the eastern unit (4,750 square feet), and go halfsies with somebody else willing to split that slice of Philly skyline with you.
· Reach out and touch Penn [Curbed Philly]
· 1414 South Penn Square [Redfin]

The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia

10 Avenue of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA 19102