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Lits Building Rooftop LED Signage Lights Up January 20th

Like it or not, the Lits Brothers billboard is here. Curbed Philly reported back in November that brackets were in place for the planned 14-foot tall digital signage atop the Lits Brothers Building at 7th and Market, a strong indication that construction on the high-tech ad screen and information center was moving right along. The inaugural lighting of the sign was slated for New Year's Eve, but that date having come and gone, Brickstone Realty and Madison International Realty now report that the rooftop sign will officially be lit on January 20 at 5:30 PM, at an event taking place outside the Dow Chemical Building.

Brickstone Realty touts the massive screen as the "largest transparent digital LED signage in the Mid-Atlantic region," and Mark Merlini, a partner with the realty group says, "The new LED Spectacular provides an inventive way of blending the past with the future of this historic building in Center City Philadelphia. It will advance the continued transformation of Market East."

The digital behemoth utilizes a unique technology called GKD Mediamesh®, a new technology that apparently uses much less electricity than conventional LED screens. As mandated by the sign law, the realty group had to allocate $10 million for public improvements in order to install the signage, including upgrading the Ridge Avenue subway concourse, and designing a completely new streetscape chock full of bike racks and improved lighting and the like, planned to be complete by fall 2015.

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