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$600K Will Buy You a Mini Urban Farm in Bella Vista

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Construction is set to begin in March on this 3-bedroom, 3-bath townhouse in Hawthorne. The property boasts an open floor plan, a choose-your-own adventure kitchen (choose quartz or granite countertops), and a dining room that will seat 10. The 3rd floor master suite features an office/den and an oversized walk-in closet, and right up top, a rooftop deck that owners can opt to fit with a Jacuzzi. But really what stands out in this property's listing is the gushing over the yard. "Large enough," the listing asserts, "to start your own mini urban farm." While it's extremely hard to imagine that this 3,100 square-foot lot would lend itself to more than just a few tomato plants and an herb garden or two (although the most determined among us make miracles happen in these spaces every day), it's fun to dream a sweet little dream of playing farm right in the middle of Center City: fresh milk every morning from your very own mini urban cow, and finally the excuse to stop waiting for love to just happen and joining · Do You Wanna Own a Mansion? [Curbed Philly]
· 1006 South 11th Street [Redfin]
· South Philly Food Co-op