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First Ever Urban Earthship Coming Soon to West Philadelphia

The world's apparently first urban Earthship (an entirely sustainable building fashioned from recycled materials) will soon take shape at a vacant lot at 675 North 41st Street. The lot was donated to the cause by lot owner Thomas L. Miller. First proposed by Love, Loving, Love, Inc. founder Rashida Ali-Campbell, the "West Philadelphia Earthship will house a Philadelphia branch of Love, Loving, Love, Inc., which specializes in holistic health education. The organization is planning to offer healthy-living workshops and other free community activities in their new Earthship office." The foundation of the Earthship has already been laid, and the main construction is planned to start in February. It will take about six weeks to complete, but this depends on fundraising efforts.

"I want this for people who can't afford it and are living in survival mode," said Ali-Campbell. "Have you ever wanted something so much?" she asked. "So many people are helping make this dream come true. This is what I have prayed for."

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