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Newsflash: Philadelphians Are Really Into Row Homes

According to a recent Estately report, it turns out Pennsylvanians searched the following housing-related terms on Google more than people in other states did:

1. Row house
2. Credit score
3. FICO score
4. Home equity loan
5. Robert Venturi (architect)

From the Estately blog:

The data showed log cabins are popular in the Appalachian states, mobile homes are en vouge in the south, and yurts are popular in the Pacific Northwest. The study also found that people in Kansas searched for "log cabin kits" more frequently than people in other states did, Nevadians googled "Wigwams" a whole bunch, and people in New Mexico most frequently googled "RV for sale." For real.

· What real estate related things does each state google more than any other [Estately]