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Love Fairmount Enough to Buy? Here are Two Options

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These two listings in Fairmount have us seeing double. This pair of bi-level condos, one on top of the other at 731 North 20th Street both have three bedrooms, three full baths, over-sized windows, and kitchens outfitted with dark wood cabinetry, quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances. Unit A (the lower unit), listed for $319,900, takes up the ground floor and the lower level of the building, and includes a 14 feet square outdoor space. The unit above, Unit C, comes at the loftier price of $424,900 and includes a large roof deck in lieu of access to the patio on the ground floor. You decide: are panoramic views of the skyline and 300 additional square feet of living space worth the 100 grand price difference?

· 731 N 20TH STREET Unit UNIT C, PHILADELPHIA, PA [Estately]
· 731 N 20TH STREET Unit UNIT A, PHILADELPHIA, PA [Estately]
- Megan Ritchie Jooste