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All Work and No Play: Own a Hotel in Manayunk For Under $1M

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For just over $900,000, you could take the reigns from the current owner of Manayunk Terrace Bed and Breakfast, whose gross receipts totaled $90,000 for 2014. Located right in the heart of town, the 3-unit property boasts an elevator for those with just a little too much baggage. The first floor contains an efficiency suite and the reception area, and the second floor has two bedrooms, each with ensuite bath. The owners have their own crash pad on the third floor, fitted with one and a half baths, a gourmet kitchen with Viking fixtures, and a Jacuzzi in the full bath. The top deck boasts an indoor bar, a serving area and a deck shower, allowing you to gaze over all of Manayunk as Manayunk gazes over all of you. · 3937 Terrace Street [Redfin]